Recessed cisterns, top activated, indicated for "horizontal shaft" in-wall installation, formed by a technical bench built with drywall system elements.

Equipped with fixing frames, Montana TOPs were designed to be fixed to the wall of the bathroom by means of dowels and screws, inside the "horizontal shaft" formed by the technical bench; this allows the installation of the sewer pipe at the ground level.

TOP cisterns are offered in the standard model, for conventional toilets,
or accompanied by a unique support for use in conjunction with in-wall toilets (TOP BS), in luxury facilities.

The activation command is located on the countertop (0.80 ~ 0.90 m from the ground), in the horizontal position, easily accessible both by adults and by children.
A "STOP" button allows the user to anticipate discharge interruption when using the toilet for the disposal of liquid effluents.

Montana TOP is equipped with a PFC (Positive Flux Control) buoy filling valve, of quiet operation and quick filling, and can be fed by high and low pressure water (0.20 to 4.0 kgf/m²). The connection between the filling valve and the supply pipe is made by means of a flexible screwable ½” high-pressure coupling. The inner mechanism for filling and discharge is fully dismountable and accessible through the inspection window, making it easy to make adjustments and replace worn-out parts.

Technical Specs
Installation Drawing


Top activation model for technical bench, fedby
PVC pipe, copper, or PEX.

Plastic activation in white, beige and gray.

Example of technical bench installation in drywall.