Security Line - MontaSplit

Single command cistern, for installation in a service hallways or shafts, in schools, public buildings, clubs and businesses with medium risk of vandalism. Montana’s MontaSPLIT line reduces depredation and theft of parts and components
of cistern units.

The MontaSPLIT line originated from the need imposed by the correctional and detention center market, for the development of a cistern fully focused on preventing damages caused by vandalism. Starting with this very successful project, which made MontaSPLIT the cistern most specified in recent prison construction, where vandalism statistics are extremely high, Montana extended its line of finishing accessories for use in public restrooms in general.

In both situations, socially distinct in regards to vandalism, MontanaSPLIT cisterns require project planning with external access or maintenance corridors, for bathrooms, properly covered and protected from direct sunlight and weather.

Example of bathroom installation in schools – bathroom interior

Example of bathroom installation in schools – service corridor

MontaSPLIT cisterns
have two activator models:

Deluxe activator model

HIGH SECURITY activator model (AS and AS-40)