MONTANA cisterns are divided in two lines of products:

Front activation - encompasses all cisterns, recessed or external, installed in an elevated position with respect to toilets. They are:

ECOLINE / ECOLINE DW / with accessibility and tamper-proof versions


M9000 / M9000 DW / with accessibility and tamper-proof versions


MontaSPLIT / MontaSPLIT-AS / MontaSPLIT-AS40 / with a version for high-security buildings





Top activation - consisting exclusively of the TOP cistern, installed inside the technical bench.




Accessories - besides cisterns, MONTANA manufactures accessories intended for the composition of the hidro-sanitary system. These include:

SUPPORT FOR SUSPENDED CISTERNS (for masonry and drywall walls)

SUPPORT FOR SUSPENDED CISTERNS (within a technical bench)

Spare parts - genuine replacement MONTANA parts complement the company product line. We also supply spare parts for older Montana and Brasilit lines.

Based on the explanation above, please access the specific page for each product line, and check technical specifications for MONTANA solutions for your bathroom.


Space Gain,
Easy Cleaning,
Efficiency and Quality.

Montana cisterns work perfectly well with all toilets with top of the line, closed and open distribution collar systems. In bathrooms for people with disabilities, the elderly or children, where the height of the discharge from the finished floor is less than 142 cm, we recommend top of the line, closed collar (with holes in the water distribution collar) toilets, only. If you have any questions, consult our technical department by phone
+55 21 2597-2332 or click here


Montana's cisterns are a 100% national product, which ensures easy access to spare parts and accessories.