Theater maintains the high standard of its premises and chooses recessed tamper-proof cisterns

The Shopping VillageMall is located in the heart of Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. It is a modern commercial center with contemporary architecture, and one of the most important theaters in the city, the Teatro Bradesco.
Developed by Solé Associados, the space was designed to receive 1600 viewers with comfort, and can host various types of performances, including international shows. Montana Hidrotécnica recessed tamper-proof cisterns – models Ecoline Montblanc – were the materials that best fulfilled the needs of the project. "For the bathrooms, for instance, we were looking, among other materials, recessed cisterns that could offer water savings, aesthetics and perfect functionality.
For a theater, the other requirement was a product that could function very quietly," says Sergio Lopes, Multiplan Empreendimentos engineer, responsible for the project.

Cliente: Multiplan Empreendimentos
Construction location: Shopping VillageMall – Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Shopping Jardim Guadalupe - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
... According to Heitor Fagundes, engineering Director of the Saphyr Group, the Shopping Jardim Guadalupe project was born with ecological awareness. With the integration of the project and construction teams, in search of the best solutions, some activities, such as reducing electricity and water use, were priorities. "The ambitious goal of reducing water use should be achieved with the practice of reuse and use of water-saving devices. The idea was to produce reusable water in the effluent treatment station, for the condensation towers of the chilled water central for the air conditioning system, and the urinals and toilets of public restrooms at the Mall", Heitor explains.

Assured quality, efficiency, fast installation, simple maintenance, and flexibility. And, of course, reduced water usage. These were the main benefits that Montana Hidrotécnica water technology solutions provided to the job, through the cisterns for toilets – the three to six liters dual flush model. Various shopping facilities, such as public toilets, the complex administration area, ambulatories and staff flow areas, received approximately 147 pieces. Heitor declared, "There were already imported products on the market that met those specifications. Then, we learned that Montana had developed a cistern with those characteristics and, at the moment, was engaged on lab tests before launching the product on the market. We made contact with the company, to appraise the technical characteristics of the cisterns and the date they would reach the market. We were treated with utmost promptness and within the required time”. Heitor says Montana offered a technical visit to the construction site, and presented the prototype of the double flow tank, in-wall mounted model, which met the project requirements for water savings. "The product created an excellent cleaning flow and allowed the installation of toilets closer to the wall, increasing the useful space of toilet boxes," he points out. In addition, Montana cisterns also contributed to savings in construction costs, because they are considerably cheaper than imported alternatives.



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