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MONTANA aims at being closer to its customers, including installers, distributors, architects, engineers, and end users. Our site will provide all the necessary information to solve conceptual and technical questions about MONTANA products, and will share our latest advances in developing cisterns that are compatible with the needs of the construction industry.

We look forward to your contact, questions or suggestions; feel free to write to us through the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page.

Notes to the Client

New communication channels:

Some fundamental technical and operational aspects to consider when choosing a recessed cistern:

• Desenvolvidas com qualidade e tecnologia européia, as descargas MONTANA são 100% fabricadas no Brasil, superando inclusive os padrões previstos nas normas ABNT para este tipo de produto;
• 10 years* factory warranty, technical assistance in all capitals and major cities of the country, and immediate availability of spare parts;
• Recipient and internal components built with resistant, deformation proof, engineered plastics;
• Low noise emission due to the fill valve with a muffler device;
• Simplicity of maintenance through the inspection window;
• MONTANA is a company with more than 50 years in the market, specializing in the manufacture of recessed toilet cisterns.

(*) check our cistern warranty

Success Cases

Newly opened, AquaRio is equipped with 82 Ecoline Montblanc cisterns.

Bradesco Theatre, in a luxury shopping mall, uses dual-flow tamper-proof cisterns.Read More.