Q: What is the minimum requirement to install a recessed Montana cistern?
A: A 12cm masonry or drywall wall thickness.

Q: How do I maintain the product?
A: Maintenance of the Montana cistern is limited to the replacement of the sealing components, through the inspection window behind the activation plate.

Q: What are the dimensions of the product?
A: Width: 44.5 x height: 59.5 x depth: 8.9 (measurements in cm).

Q: What is the standard height for the installation of M9000 or Ecoline cisterns?
A: The installation of cisterns, in bathrooms with accessibility or children needs, should have the activation command located 1.0m from the finished floor. In regular bathrooms, we recommend the installation of the activation command at 1.42m of the finished floor.

Q: What is the size of the discharge activators in the Montana recessed cistern?
A: Length: 0.24cm / height: 0.15cm

Q: Length: 0.24cm / height: 0.15cm
A: No. The installation kit contains a 40mm sewer pipe, an elbow with a 40mm ring, and a seal.

Q: Which are the recessed cistern models?
R: • M9000 - 6 liters - ABS or stainless steel bright finish;
• Ecoline Standard – 3 and 6 liters – Dual Drive –plastic ABS finish in two colors. (white or straw);
• Ecoline Montblanc – 3 and 6 liters – Dual Drive – with stainless steel finish;
• M9000 tamper-proof cistern - 6 liters - Stainless steel finish with special and exclusive screws to inhibit vandalism, and automatic water lock system that limits the use by the end user;
• M9000 for Detention Facilities – Special semi-recessed, and maintenance through a service corridor;
• M9000 for Commercial Buildings – Special stainless steel button, maintenance through a service corridor.


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