Recessed cistern, front activated, for use within masonry walls and drywall, Ecoline stands-out due to its big water savings. Montana's innovation, the dual activation system, allows a 40% reduction in water use, compared to conventional systems. Ecoline comes equipped with PFC (Positive Flux Control) type filling valve, for quiet operation and quick filling; it works with low and high-pressure (0.20 to 4.0 kgf/cm ²) water systems. Water supply comes through a 1/2" flexible hose (supplied with the cistern), providing savings in the installation. Ecoline recessed installation allows for a closer mounting of the toilet to the wall, resulting in a significant space gain in small bathrooms being built currently. The inner filling and discharge mechanism is fully dismountable and accessible through the inspection window, facilitating adjustments and replacement of worn-out parts. This product must be installed with a 50 mm outlet pipe, 90o elbow and seal.

Activation Plates

Once recessed in the wall, the only visible part of Ecoline is the activation plate, which is available in two beautiful finishing patterns:
ABS (engineered plastic): white.
Polished stainless steel.

Technical Specs
Installation in masonry

Installation in drywall

Below, Ecoline model with Standard activation plate
in white ABS:
(accessibility compatible)

Below, Ecoline model with Montblanc activation plate
in stainless steel:

The Montblanc command requires walls with a minimum thickness
of 15mm.

Above, example of an installed Ecoline Standard unit.
The recessed cistern system facilitates bathroom-cleaning tasks in the area surrounding the cistern.

Installation for Accessibility

In masonry:

In drywall: