50 years of great products

Montana Hidrotécnica is the first and largest manufacturer of recessed toilet cisterns in Brazil.

From our factory complex, located in the Engenho da Rainha neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro, the company supplies cisterns, accessories and spare parts to Brazil, as well as other countries in Mercosur.

Montana cisterns meet all ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) requirements, being compatible with all national toilet models that meet current standards.

Since 1997, the company and its products support and follow the indications of the PBQP-H (Brazilian Program of Quality and Productivity in the Habitat), which established norms for current maximum water use in toilets.

A little of our history

Montana was founded in 1934 by a Swiss entrepreneur who immigrated to Brazil to begin trading in construction products. Initially, it was only a small company with a shed and an office in Rio de Janeiro.

With the advent of World War II and the resulting difficulty in international trade, the company started to manufacture machines and equipment intended for civil construction.

In 1950, it began the manufacture of cisterns for in-wall installation in bathrooms. This solution was, until then, unknown in Brazil, and soon came to be used on a large scale in Brazilian homes. It presented indisputable advantages over what existed at the time. Notably, recessed cisterns created more space in the bathroom, allowed greater water savings, and integrated seamlessly with construction processes that made possible the boom of urban centers in Brazil.

At the same time, it created the chemical product division, and the company was renamed Montana S/A, occupying a large area in the industrial district of Bonsucesso.

Thus, Montana's cisterns became a great success. The product was so innovative that, in the foundation of Brasília, Montana cisterns were installed in all the toilets of the famous Catetinho (first residence of the President Juscelino Kubichek, in the new capital).

In the 70's, the Montaflux cistern became a great sales success.

In the mid-80's, Montana was restructured, which resulted in the deployment of manufacturing units and the closure of the industrial park of Rio de Janeiro (suffocated by unruly population growth).

The chemistry and varnishes section moved to São Paulo, in modern facilities, now renamed as Montana Química. The machinery unit was renamed Trillor Máquinas, settling in the suburb industrial area of Great Rio, and the cistern division resulted in the Montana Hidrotécnica Ltda.

In face of technological advances and scientific discoveries, in 1977, the company initiated a deep technological revision of its products and production methods. This resulted in cistern lines M9000 and TOP, replacing asbestos cement recipients with HDPS (high-density Polystyrene), establishing new production technologies and the development of a new automatic filling mechanism design.

Recently, in 2011, Montana surprised the market, once again, developing and producing Ecoline, a dual-flow cistern. Capable of independent flows of 3 or 6 nominal liters, Ecoline became the current discharge system, compatible with all the advances in construction and architecture. A sustainable, eco-friendly product in the face of growing concerns with water availability and highly modern, from a technical point of view, with a single discharge mechanism.

Most definitely a product with Montana technology and reliability!


Thanks to rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process, new lines of Montana cisterns benefit from a 10 YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturing defects only.


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